All Souls Church Mission Statement

All Souls is a welcoming spiritual community.
We seek truth, practice love, and celebrate life.


Sunday worship service 10 AM


Theme:  Resistance and Surrender


May 1: "The Last Laugh: A Spiritual Journey."

For several years, local comedian Dan Davis tried self-medicating his depression by turning his woes into jokes told to audiences across the Midwest. After receiving news about the passing of Robin Williams, he knew he needed to seek a healthier alternative. After rekindling his passion for tai chi, finding Unitarian Universalism, and studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Davis realized laughter isn't necessarily the best medicine. Join Dan for a story of self-discovery and a lesson in stress reduction, centeredness, self-appreciation, and love.

Speaker: Dan Davis             WSC: Chris Provance   Musician:  Kristi Holler


May 8: Resistance and Surrender

Our sermon title comes directly from the theme of the month.  The worship team committee liked the tension between these two ideas, and the Theology on Tap group that met in April dug deeper into them.  What things should we resist?  What things should we surrender to?  We will explore the implications for our own lives and for the world around us.

Minister: Rev. David  Kraemer     WSC:  Peter Holland     Musician:  Kristi Holler


May 15:  Minister: Rev. Ron Knapp    WSC: Mark Sanderson   Musician: Debbie Reid


May 22: The End of the Welcoming Church

A provocative column in a ministerial blog prompts this service.  What if, instead of being welcoming we were to be inviting? We will continue our consideration of the subtle difference between opposites, resistance and surrender, by asking how we present ourselves to the world.

Minister: Rev. David  Kreamer      WSC: Sue Ann Lang  Musician:  Debbie Reid


May 29: Memorial Day Potluck Picnic:  Please join us for the annual Memorial Day potluck picnic.  We will gather in the social hall anytime after 10 am with the grill up and running.  Please bring your own service, beverage, and item to grill along with a dish to pass.  All are welcome.  Scott and Janet Kunze will be the hosts for the day.


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