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Ministerial applicant to visit All Souls September 11

The Ministerial Search Committee has invited Sarah Caine, a recent graduate of Star King School for the Ministry, to preach in application for the Contract Ministerial position on Sunday, September 11.

Sarah recently completed a year as chaplain resident in Santa Monica at St John’s Health Center. While at St John’s, Sarah was one of two chaplains for the oncology unit, the main chaplain for the emergency department, and supported the medical/surgical unit in addition to co-facilitating a six-week bereavement group and participating as a member at First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles.

Sarah was raised in the UU faith. Having spent her growing up years in the Sonoran Desert, she has a keen awareness of the interdependence of all life on this planet. She enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/kickboxing, dance, running, and spending time with siblings and friends.

In addition to Sunday morning, Sarah will be in Sioux Falls and Sioux CIty for several UU events from September 9 to 19.

 Worship Service Theme:          The Covenants We Make

  Worship Service Sunday 10 AM

 September 4, 2016                       We will convene at 10:00 and depart at 12:00 noon.


Keep Hands, Heart, Heartbeat,The Radura symbol, as requiredCommunity Garden, Gardening Planning Facilitators- Susan Randall/Chris Provance


 Making Covenants Within and Outside of Ourselves

 Roll out of bed and brush your teeth (or not) for an active planning session and pot luck breakfast feast.  We will start the morning with gentle grounding yoga and meditative session (with Brooke Leonard, Yoga Instructor andMeditation Leader) to relax and center followed by a time to gather together a share a breakfast treat. Bring donuts, some fruit, or an EASY breakfast dish to share.  If you don’t like disposable products, please bring a service from home. 

At 11:00 we will:


  1. continue to refine our list of worship service topics for the coming year, and

  2. begin planning a partnership for an October Social Justice project with local businesses.

Question MarkSeptember 11, 2016


Speaker:         Sarah Caine    WSC:   Chris Provance         Musician:         Kristi Holler

and mystical symbols[edit]September 18, 2016


Speaker:  Wilson Kabwayo    WSC:  Julia Tibbets                 Musician:       Kristi Holler

Climbing the Walls of Greatness

Come to get inspired!  Wilson Kubwayo, Inspirational speaker is a local inspirational speaker and a recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. Wilson was born in Burundi and at age two, his family migrated to a Tanzania refugee camp due to the ethnic civil war in Burundi.

After spending ten years in a Tanzania refugee camp, Wilson and his family migrated to the United States as refugees.

In his presentation, "Climbing the Walls of Greatness" Wilson talks about character development and shares three steps he took to transform his life. For more about Wilson, please visit

Community Garden, GardeningThe Radura symbol, as requiredSeptember 25, 2016


Sundae Sunday-The Covenants We Make To Our Children

Puppeteer:  Jim Oliver            WSC:   Chris Provance            Musician:         Kristi Holler

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of another school year and the joy of learning! Puppeteer Jim Oliver will return to All Souls to delight the child in all of us during this multi-generational program.  We will introduce our 2016-17 Children’s RE Coordinator and you will also get a chance to see one of the new U-Yong Peoples’s Themed Trunks ready for Sunday school students to explore.  We will enjoy ice cream Sundae treats following the service.


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