All Souls Church Mission Statement

All Souls is a welcoming spiritual community.
We seek truth, practice love, and celebrate life.


July 12 “Is the world broken, or is it just me?” Pun intended. with Rev. David Kraemer
What do we mean when we speak of brokenness? Is brokenness a quality of the world? Is it a quality of people? Is everyone broken? Can we be fixed?

July 19:  Why forgive?” with Rev. David Kraemer
Our Universalist forebears believed in ultimate forgiveness from a loving God. What does that mean for us? Do we forgive people for their sake, or for ours? Do we have to forgive everybody? What does it mean to “forgive and forget?” Do you have to do both?

July 26:  The Power of Forgiveness with Lawrence Diggs
It is easy to forget that forgiveness is more for the forgiver than the forgiven. We can overlook the ripple effect of forgiving. Sometimes good accounting and good memory are over rated. Lawrence Diggs will explore these ideas in a short presentation, which will include some of his poetry.


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Now is the time, and here is the world, committed to our trust; and any form of activity that looks another way in neglect of their pressing appeals, may well be suspected as an evasion or a romance.
James Martineau